The New Internet

We don't have daily life internet products made for us by us.

We don't have a search engine made by Indians for Indians that would work as well as Google.

Lets think about this. 

Google is brilliant.

No doubt.

But, to quench your thirst, do you always drink water? You've never had Orange juice or a beer?

So why should I search the Internet only with Google. And why only by typing text into a search bar.

ChatGPT now presents us with another interface to gather information from the knowledge universe that is the Internet.

The Internet is very literally the custodian of all human knowledge. S3 is the substrate on which all of human knowledge resides.

The Internet will be born again. It will be born again in the ways in which AI will envision the second coming.

LLMs will be one of its interfaces. Text to Image another. Speech to experience. 

The Internet will be the delivery mechanism that delivers intelligence engines to humanity in the shape and form that is best suited for that specific human task optimization.

We will exist as an entity that uses the Internet as a data gathering, data transfigurement and inference delivery organ.

An organ that exists within the entity called the human experience.