I really enjoy oil on canvas art.

Growing up I remember a few oil on canvas paintings around my home in Bangalore. These were perhaps reproductions or prints but I recall sitting in front of them and starting into them for long periods of time.

I really enjoyed studying the patterns formed by the oil paints on canvas. It was not so much a study of technique or anything like that. I wasn't trying to learn how to paint. I simply enjoyed the colors and patterns.

A couple of years ago I met an artist in Guwahati, Assam. Subho Da used to paint potraits for a living. Families would commission more traditional artwork such as images of dieties or a reproduction of a famous painting of Ravi Verma.

I requested Subho Da to consider doing some fusion art. To take ideas and inspiration from science fiction and put it together with rustic scenes.

The paintings below are some that I commissioned. I gave him the general idea and he produced some very interesting work.

The inspiration for the painting below was a piece of GIF art depicting a street in Tokyo. This GIF art showed a futuristic Tokyo street scene with very bright neon colors.

I asked Shubo Da that I would love a painting in the same style although it would be great if he could take inspiration from a few photographs of the street I grew up in all those years ago in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

picture of painting commissioned to resemble a street in bangalore where Harsh grew up

In this painting, I wanted to tie up space scooters to a small hut. This hut I imagined was on a small planet and served as a pitstop for tired pilots on their trips back and forth between their home planet and asteroid mines.

I requested Shubo Da to add a glow to the space scooters - fission engines humming in the quiet of the wilderness.

picture of painting commissioned to resemble a street in bangalore where Harsh grew up